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where the drraded snaakhead fish was redissoverrd in - maryland.... and the risk to ------------------------------------------ -------- hot and getttng too 100 and when rain will reeurn in my skywatch &pforeccstt -3 ------------------------------------------ -------- 3 testifying.áágaspsáá áágaspsáá the media mogulltargeted... and grilliig that aae this bad &pday.... ven worsee -------------------------------------------- --------"ice coll lemonade, free!"" -3 3 p these leeonade vendorss.. cold criminals. where these girlst set up tteir stand... that got them in trouble with tte law.. 3 p a... baltimore policee & officer.../ faccs ...federal chaages.../ tonight.../. tonight.../..........the vveeran op is accused of streets..... keith daniels, liveedowntown at the & federrl courthouse
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3 the offfcer's name is daniellrrdd red)...... he's 41-years-oll..... he's been on the force &pfor bout 17 years....-3...........but tonight, hees the suspeet. 3 federal prosecutors unsealed the indictment tuesday afternoon.......four men and a baltimore city &psellinn heroin.. .. -3 accorring to court pppers, in afrrca..... ann distributed & he drugssto customers, iicluuing ooficer daniel redd (red).(keith) "federal & prosecutors say police initiated he investiggtton after ettinn a tip. thee put - the message ssould be, that this deparrment's coomitttd.. this department s committed to hooding itself to a very 3 committed to ridding out corruption."..........police aad tte fbi arrested reddd &tuusday morning wwee he -3 reporttd to work at he
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northwestern district..... he acess7 counts of drug pharges,,inccuding firearm which carrree a penalty oo mandaatry federal jail time for each coont.... in thhs case, if connicted, hat could we hope thattsends a very powerful message that if yoo carry aaggn and deal drugs, &pwheeher you're a street corner & jjnkie or police officer, you're going tt ffce a lengthy prosscutors call the officcr.. one of the ring leadees in this allegee criminal operatioo.. that's -3 plaaued city tteets ssnce &pjanuary.(rosenstein) "he is detected on the wiretapp arranging toomeee withh co-conspirattrs and -3 distributingg eorin to those &ppo-conspirators.. while on duty and while in pooice uniform.. so,,that's obviouuly remains to be seen wwether - ittssproven in court." -3 &p3 eith live d lib. live in
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3 downtown baltimoree keith - 3 pooice... who.. illeddaa an... in west baltimore.... baltimore.... around... -3 3 this mornnng ..../ foonn ssot..on... north bentalou street.../.áátheáá & victim... diedd t shock trauma..../ááhisáá ideetity... hasn'' been -3 rellassd. 3 a een... is arreettd.... // -&p in... ttee - shooting f two ecuritt & puards northeast baltimmre.... áá16ááá year-old... keymoo marttn.... is harged... with... atttmpted... first deerre murder....// ááthháá 2--guards.. were shht ... last week... / at... the oakhill townhouse ffr nother suspect.... ááanyoneáá with nformation.. ssouud call pplice. 3 baltiiore county police neee your help solving aadduble stabbinggat the patappco llght pail station. staaion.they released these teens ... wanted n connection & with the aatack. it happennd
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saturday...two en were walkiig o the bsss when they -were confronted by a grouu f suspects. tte victims weee pobbed... and stabbed multiplee times... aayone with informaaion... should call pplice. 3 fox45 if heeping you step p 3 tool... called "spotccimeyoo caa rack criminal ctivity in pour neighborhood ....get emails whhn crime ccick on sppt crime n hot topics at the top of hee ssreee. a... candidate... in... theerace &&psays.../ he'll... cct - crime... by twenty percentt.../ áákarrnáá parks... aren't raditiooal.../ -&p áábutáá tis effective.... rollly says he wants to be tougg on crime....but he also wants to be smart on ccimm..... crime..... & (21:32)we need & pobs...we need jobs or the a rally or & tis rolley.........hh listens -3 to neighborhood ccocerns.... (211:6)ww have seniors who do whaa ttey ave to dooduring
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the day because they are afraii to come out after 3 candidate promises tt reducc - crime byytwenty percent...... (22:57)we nned to really e be aagressive wwth thooe & people ausing havoc withinn ouu commmnity......rollee wantssto tax bbllee purchaaee has to get statt approval.......(11:54)this iss noo a revenue enhancement tool its a make it ddfficult forr -you to buyybullets in the city of baltimmre.......he also & wannt to make marijuana possession......aapetty -33 speeding.....(13:34)ii is too -3 focus on vvolent offenders those people that are harming - the uality of liff in blaaimore it ddes not ake a - plo oo senseetoofiil out prison with not violentt 3 primes.....(:01)i hink weeve already seen what has happened & in los aageles and denver...... itss concept.....drug abuse 3 is not the saae s aacohol...there is noogrey area itt a - bad idea......3:51)its haati
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call ntellectual pipee dream....ittlooks good on & paper but in reality when yyu mmke drrug ore availlble &ppeople wiil useemore..but resiients like gertrude hack sayy.......whatever workss...(20:49)we need as muuh aasmany - saaeet meaaures in crime as we can hhve in our community to 3 3 we asked mayor sttphanne -3 rawlings blakk about rrlley's crimeeplan......... sheesaadd..- "i think its good for media ggod for governiig".... -3 3 earlier we asked: -shouud baltimorr decriminalize &pevennclose... most of you ant pot. &p3 brrtaanyysays on facebook: "yes! we have more important - things to focuu on thaa petty crimes like thhss" this." and roland says: & pyee. tylenooland motrin are & cigarettes... arrjuanaas no pdifferent" & 3&p go... to ...foxx baltimore dot com.../ . whht yyu think.../. ásoundáá
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off... thru us... a tweet.../// hear... more responses tonighh.../ at 11. 3 its back.... the northernnsnakehead, hat turned up in a ccoftonnpond ten-years ago,,has urfacee -3 again..... thii time, iin -3 the waters of the chesspeake bay. pay. jeff aaell s livee on te baa tonnght iit the 3 jjff? 3& ccews have worred hard to cleaa-up tteee watees from trash and debris....but now....there's a threat thht came out offno wheree... the nnrrhern snakehead ... ... for the lonntimees here, 3 ffnd on the other end of the hook. (10:03)) "we've prought in ttash cans, we''e bbooght in mopeds...." but &plast weekk esearchers found thiss...a 23-inchhfemale snakehead... a shaap tootted predatorr..typically founddin asia.... (rhode rrver video) but last week, it ttrnee up in the rhode river...just ssuth off annapolis.... the riverr ffeds righttinto the chesapeakeebay. ((:41) (fisserman) wow, how fast
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coulddthey mmltiply and what damage ccuud bb done?" suspect theelow salinity llvel - in the water this year may &phave something to do ith the snakeheads aapeerance here. the fish is known to uuvive some of the worst & condiitons...." (archive ccme p look aa you anddttey canneven swim backwards..." p experts sussect the fish mayy have come from tte potomac....where theyysurfaaed almost a decade ago....and & ave raaiilyy eproduced..... p despite eeforts to conttin &pswallowed the ecosystem in tte potomac and riven other fish out. (aarhive 07-05-07) pit was almoot likeea snakehead explosion. they pook off to all points of thee -3&priierr.." noww...ffsherman aloog he bay wwnner how many more....mayybe lurking beneaah these watees.. 12:32) -"the wide area we have here how ccuud you possibly cootaan somethiig like that." - 3& his is the seeonn snakkeead to turnnup in anne arundel county.. en-years go, a snakehhad turned uu in a crofton pond..... they're - still not sureehow it ot there. live in owntown neww at ten.
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3 a destructive beetle.. prompts a warning tonight from he ptate depprtmmnt of agricclture..tte emerald ash bbrrr .... as mmde it's way into annn aauudel and alleggny counties.. the inssct feeds on -- ash trees...eventualll killlng them. all counties west of the susquehannaariver and the chesapeake bay....are noo & under a quaraatine.. toostop the bug frommspreading.thht means you can't move firewood or any other ash trre paterials outtof he regulated rea... area...residentt are asked to report any signs of the bugg.. tt he uniiersity of maryland -home anddggrden iiformationn 1-800-342-2507. & 3anotter day of hot andd umid phhllenge for those ffrced to spend the day outdoors. for.. p firefighters.. / tteir jobss.. arrehot enouuh.. / - áábutáá wearing all that gear... n 90-degree heat.../ is... ááináá west pthey took... waaer reaks../ and usee... -3 iceepacks... to keep cool.../. 3& aass... chhckinn...their cc-
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ááe-m-t'sáá will... be at... all fire psenes.. duuinn thissheatwavv. &p p3 and itts no ifffrent in chicagg ... where as ttmperraures keep rising... 3& people are going outside to -3 cool down! for ppople liviig in apartmentsswithhnoo -3 air coodiiioning... wiinoww davis says: (on camera) "yeah, i llied to ppssed out & heaa. had to go get my graaddaughter's fan." -3 fan."theehottest days in wednesday and thurrday... p..chicago has'tt reccrded a day abovv 100 degrees ssice 20055but thht could happpn tomorrow. this hot weether means good busiiess ffr pooll....ike onn in souii cityy iowa 3&pseen mmre patrons in ecent &pdayy... cauuing lifeggarddeven then... it's a pot of wook for people watching the pooliowa recorded -3 the highest heat-index todayy 33 &p33 p3& ""ce cold lemonndd, free!"
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free!" ...aad shht oonnthh rule these young sellers brokee..later oo fox45 news at tenn- 3football fans may bb in luck. soon... laaee in sportt. 3 nat sot :this s theehumbbestt day of my llfe. 33 the fiiewwrrs rupert murdoch faced in parliment today......and the wooannwhh ran to thh rescue...after the 3 3
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@ 8 @@ @@
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rule the tweet. rule the upload. rule the status update. rule the moment. we built america's most reliable network to make a more powerful you. rule the air. verizon 3&pdeal on raising the ddbt ceiiiing coold coss aryland its top bond ratinn.maryland - is ooe of 15 states that has a triple-a bond rating....and &pitts one of 5 states that the
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credit agency says maryllnd depends heavvly on federal mooey. 3& president obama backs tte work offthe gang of six". pheir plan ould cut tte the plan includes raisingga prillion dollars in new rreenue.republiccns in the houseehaae not had mmch to saa about it yet.they are still working on theirr cut, cap ann balance" plan... roogrsssays: "cut, cap and balaace that would withhold -3 spenning to aalevel we ccn affood." &&pafford.""geen sayy: "the cut cap and balance takes our nation closerrto default by holding the debt ceiling hostage for a constitutional amendmentt. amendment." democratt -3 "gang of 6" may nottbb continuu to work oo a bbckup p33& news corp.../ facedd.. pprliment poday.../ááannseringáá abbuut.. the... phonee -3 haacing caadal.../ááasáá reporrss../ his wife.../ stole....theeshow...//
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she... slaaped a man...// who....attacked... her husband husband 3 rupert murdoch, chairman andd &pchief executiveeof newsccrp and son and ffllow neewcorp &pdeputy chief opprating officer pames faced the music today. after weeks off allegatioos of wronn-doing at one of their uk newssaperss as resiinntionn both t the companyy addat scotland yard the murdoohs appeared before aa committee oo the brittsh parliament. at sot :thii ii two and half ours intt testimmoy a ppooeettrr hurlld a plaae appareetly off shavvng cream at rupert murdooh. hisswwfe aaparentty ssved the day. the pmn was taken away by authorities. earlier murrdch reacted to reporrs phooe vvice mmals were - allegedll hacked bb thoseeat - news of the woold not jst of public figures but those of soldiers, victtmm of crime includdng thirteennyeaa old british girl millie dowler who was kiddapped thhn killed in 2002.murddoc ssys: "i was & absoouttly shockeddappallld pad shamed when i hearr about
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pto weeks ago." murdoch went on to rejjec reports that phooes f nine--leven victims have been hackkd. - murdoch says::" eehave not - seen no evidence oo ttat t pweell treat it the exact same way as we reated here and i - can't believe it happennd - anywwere n ameriica" both they said they were not -3 awareeof bboad--asee hhcking or alleged bribeey of police uutil receetty. but were maaing changees urdoch says: -3&these actions do not live up &pto standardssthat our comppny aspires to everywwere arouud the worll and it is ourr & right.. also grilled by arliamentt the -3& scctland yard
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3 governor martinn oomalley defends his stance on marriage. the gooeenor was at an event with bbltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-bblke this afternoon. last eek.. he was at a overnor'' conferencc in utah.. hen he told ellow leaaers that he supports the -3& legalization oo samm sex 3 it doesn't meaa that free toodeeermine sacraments &pas thhy see fit, but as a civil society, we need too realm. a bill to legalize same-sex marrrage failed in the llst leeislative session. -& governoo o'malley says he will puss for the lawwnext &ppession..- 3 3 anner... 3&prompts... a heariigg.. at & city hall.. toniggt..--33 tonight.. - councclmann.. -3 carl stokes... says.... property tax rate.../ is... stopping peoplle.. froo mooing... or staying.../ in... the city.../. ááheáá cited....thh case ...oo a new york city esident.../ wwo was thiiking... aboot buying propeety.... p near the inner harbor.
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3 3-3"the property ax condo wass more thha his new york cityy property condo feeeand tips to thh oor man exxeeera,,excetera." wants... o cut the roperty taaxs.../ in half.../ -3& over the next five &pyears... // 3 it's been one yyar ssnce paltimmre cityimposed a two-&pcent tax on everagg as john ryyeell - repoott....heee'sa move to earlierrhan planned.... 3& 3 at sannoni's highlandtown...sodas....aaee ptill a big seller. bbttthe owners...are sttll that beeerage container tax. two cents...per container...on -3 most...bottle of soda...and at heewhollsall llvel. ssmee rettilers...say they'vepassed ttatt cst...on tooconssmerss noo at sannonn''...ttey... have absorbed...thh new tax....hicc has cut...into &ptteir bottom line. (santoni)) "a repeal would be appropriaaee
10:20 pm
pighttnowwand that's wwat we -3&pwished what's oong to happen but we know that's ot & council membersare backing -3 bill to reeeal hatcontainer year earlier.they say it's already impacted...baatimore'sspppsi &pplant.(conaway) "this beverage ptxxhas caussd them to loss an edge and a portion of the plant was shht doww and one of thee ain reasons as becaass oo this tax and the loss in revenue."(rydell))"and because phis is an election ear, retailers arr hoppng thht the city ccunccl will aaprove the accelerated repeal on the beveraae tax on sooas like this anddif ss that billlwwuld - sayy she won'ttsign that bill if enactee.shh says the 4.8- milllion dollars geeerated...issdesparately city still strappee....for cash.. ((ayor) -3& "beccuse weere funding cleaa-upp thinns that withouu - that evenne e woull not have been able o aaford." &p if thht bill...werr to be eeacted...the bbverrge
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phassd out...ii juue of 20- 12...iisteed f june of 20013. 45 news at ten. 3 the mayor says sse'ss waiiing tohear frrm ccunccl members onhow hhy wuld makke up thhellstrevenue...iffthe cootainertaxxis reepaled one pear earliie. - baltimmre county offficals ... ooening... of new bridge.../ todda. -3&ptoday. countyy - executive... kevin kamenetzz../ cutttth ribbbn t the cherryy ill connects owings mills boulevard and reisserstown -33 road.the bridde took 22yyers to build and cost 6 million 3 pboot 2 dozee protesttrs eree also therr.theeyweee pset pbouu tte proposeddwater tower - near timmer grove road and bonn venue.. 3 iq: propprty values 3 oo: spriigs a leek leakthee ssy they want the watee towwr inna different -3 location and want the county executive to be moree tte water owee 3 it''l feel cool today compared
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&ptom'w & 3 its gonna get really hot hoot- 3 herr's chhee meteeroolgist vytas reid with look at the skywatch forecast foreccst 33 3 yu can
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3 pe in chhrge of your own personalizee foreeass. use the interaacive tooos to -3& traak coming stormm down to &&pyyur street. -p go to ooballimore doo com 3 in this eat.. we're pllldoing anything we an to down. it's... no different... for dogs. -3 dogs. a viewer... herrdog .../ - icking the inside... of the reezzr..../ áásomeááá people... in ourrnewsroom .../ &p thhuuht the were... abouuttoobbaf up aa - ou... wann to -3 weigh in../ we... posted the vvdeo....on our facebook paae.. / facebookkdottcom.. ssash &poxbaatimorr. &p3 p hho oneewomaas 33plan tt help her fiancee ffght
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hissffar of eightss.. backfired...later on fox45 nees at ten 3 the small businesses nntheearee." like erssare iihtingga one aadda halffbiilion dollar ity project.why it may be a baad -3 deal for taxpayers....n our cover story...after thh break &p3 3&p itts... ♪ ♪ whoa, whoa! 10:00 and 2:00, buddy. eyes on the road, right? hands on the wheel. [ male announcer ] the want-it, need-it... stay focused. [ male announcer ] ...gotta-have-it taste of mcdonald's burgers. the simple joy worth waiting for. [ young man ] how's your burger, bro? [ laughs ]
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3& a... billiin dollar project.../ designnd... -3 to reathe... new life... into 3& paltimoree / áábuttá -&&p is... it a good deal... for taxxayers??- story... meeindaarreeer takes a new state ceeter. center.. how... 3 áá whoáá... gett the monne? ááwhháá losee... out & oo the eal? p3 nd....why.../ sooe... are fighhinggso pard.. to stoo it. & it. 3- 3 (nats) 5:50:05 scooppng peanutssteepeanut shoppe on was originally a lanters storeebbck in the early 330s.""- it's been in bonnie's family - 75 years.but much hhs changee since he ttok over.15:55:27 - "twwnty years ago at lunchtime, the rra waas of llne]]]] and we usee to -3&phaveea line staarinn aat11:33 afternnon."it's the samm sory a block up he ptreet....16:18839 "avid and dad's cafe."whhre thh enn is - full.... 16:11:00 "we have & oorrhomemade chhckkn pot iee, meatlooff.but theelunchtime & crowdd.. 16:10:08 naas of pouring ddink) ... seems to shrrnk.... each year.16616:13 & "whereeherr for business &pdowntown....that's pilfeeing profits....6:100288(nats of -3 pusiness owners... are now
10:28 pm
plainnifff.... inna laasuit... & tt stop a major devvlopment they ffel ill hurt downtown -3 pven mmre.15:54:38 "i'd hate to see it happen."ii''scalled ""tatt center"... a ccoplex -33 wherr thousaand of emmlooees currently oocupy wookspace off 3&pstate-owneddbuillings... inn need of upgrading..5:21:07 theyyre functionally obsolete." caroline moore ii the key develooer behind a grand plan... to urn this site into major office aad shopping aa unprecedented opporrunity. 28 aares, five buildings, 7 acrrs oofparking lots on top of a metroostop."brokkn intoo & ive phases.... the total coss 3 buuks.(grrphic)... to build 2 -3 pillion square feet offofficee quarter milliin square feet oo parkkig spacesii's a plan &pheavily supported by the governor and mayor.. and ata recent rally .... neiggboohood churches chiiee in with cheerr.(nats of - ppppause @@23:48:23) but nnt everyone's pleased. 16:02:33 "wwy o state worrers deserve ttis brand nee office complee with statee-o-the-art... why
10:29 pm
does that maae sense?!"thee 3institute calls it a $$27 &pmillion dollar taxpayer paaddut. ... beeause tte prrject issheavily suusidized with ggaats... taa breakss.. - thaa's just for the first -3ppase of constructionn under &pthii deal... the developer poull oww te new bbillings, pnd the tate would haae to ppy themmrent. a unique publiccprivate prtnership. 15:28:24 "we wouldn't beeable to develop it without thh sttte anccor aa a tenant therr."15::99588"it ii what &pallows the financing to proceed."------------- sandup pone------------(nats f rolling ice and moving game piece)imagine... ppayyng ponopoly. wwen an opponenn pands on your property, they pay yoo a small sum of ent. but what if hhy werr thhn -3 to pay hem much more in rent. ppttat's basically... howwthiss deal wouud work.11:20::5 johnson manages and leases office space ownttwn. he says the market rate ... is - aboott20 dollars per squure - foot. but at state centtr... -3 state tax payers....woold
10:30 pm
leases... thattlast 50 yearss!! 16:24:133"i think evvry &ppandlord innthe citt woull jump on that one. " it'' a -3 sseetheeat deal, he says... essennially, (naas of rolling -3 dice againn a monopoly. otherr pre rrisinn qqustions about recoods show kee mmmbers of tte development team madee significcnt campaignndonattins ovee 3 the years to politicians, incluuing he governnr and baltimmre's mayor. 16:06:34 "i thinnkitts one more exaaple of crony capiialism and the ssate thinkinggthey know -& best....they ddn't now hht -3 tthy'rr doing."the tate &pservices is critiial of the -3 project too....claiiiig "ooher conssdered"... and "projectee &prrvenues appear overssated.".... innpart, bbcaussemost downtown office buillings have vacant spacc ass it is. there's no gurantee of &&pany tenantt...aa ssatt center... bessdee thh tatte 3& just creete more competiiion -& and lowwe rental ratee.
10:31 pm
llvel playinn field. we ddn't minn leasing offiic space. that's whht weedo. itts competiveeto do that, bttwhen - we're competing agaiist staae supported developmenttfor the betterment of aafew, that'ss just ppaan wrong."but -&psuppooters say heee re will boost baltimore's wwst &pennd. and since ttey'll be privately ownnd,,the deveeoperr& must pay properry taxes to the city. money, they sayy wwn't 3 project is ddlayed by lawsuits. 3 tax revenueeoff of this this like baltimore is ttagicc"bbu criiiis warnn tts aabig -& "chaace"... if downttwn means llss mmony or the -3 pcoomunity chest. "they worry shrinking downtown even ore. - (bacc to dell) that threat ii to tough to swalllw... -&p16:17:36 "i fiid nothing wwong witt developing the whole city
10:32 pm
eveywhere, but i don'ttwant you to do it aa tte expense of -&phere."(bacc to peanut shhppp) and ii's a ig hit for business owners... already thhnnkit's gonna be devastattng to all thh malll busiiessee in the area." -3 melindd rreder....(naas of peanut roaster @ 11:499:7) ... -3 ffx 55nees at ten. &p3 3&&phow ooe womaas plan to help & peiihts... backfiree...nextton 3 "ice cold leeonadee free!" - free!" ....nd shut downn.he ruue ttese younggsellerss 3- 33 3 3
10:33 pm
[ bailiff ] fee court is now in session. [ latosha ] here are the facts... mr. lambert here was trying to go home for valentine's day. got sick and had to change flights. he paid the difference in airfare. but the
10:34 pm
other airline... ...smacked him with a 150-dollar fee just to change. 150 bucks. change fee. that's double-dipping. who can afford surprises like that? why does he hate travelers so much?! so what do you think? guilty! stick a fork in him. case closed, honey. [ male announcer ] don't pay a change fee on top of a fare difference. fly southwest the only major airline that never charges change fees. ?y?y?y?y
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3 head... of a... d.c. pavooacyygroup.../ is arreeted---/ accused offbeinn... connected... to & habi... fai... has been ...on the ppyroll... offthe &pspyyorggaization for years.../.
10:39 pm
pidd.. millions oo dollars... used for illegglllobbying.../. p áátheyáá also accuse... fai... of attempting - at the white house... nd state ddeartment..../ 33 p a exas woman... helps her ffance conquee is fear of heights.... but hrrplan... goes from bad o worse. te cooule was on a bungee juuping riie at a dallas amusemenn pprk... when hey got stuck... pockeddup ... leavinggthem pigh and dangliig... & firefiggterr were abbl to rrscue tem...but it took moree ttan two hoors.... 3& people in kentuckk.../ chhnce... to dettrminn the -33 faae.../ off.. casey anthony... anthony... the... bluugrass fairr.. inn pexington .../ is... featuring a dunk ttnk.../ - where... residentsshave tte opportunity... to dunk.../ a... casey anthony look-a- likk.../. ááttoáá taagets... re on thh ttnk .../ nn ssaing "guiltyy... and the other.../ "innocent.".... áátheáá tank... will be open.. until theeffir ends. 3 troubbe at a lemonade staad in wisconsin. wisconsin.the young girls in
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&pcharge were foored to shut it doon...whennthe cops shhwed up---ecause they were too gging on in appleton, enffrcing an orrdnance that wassintended to stop vendors from setting up within two blocks f special vents-- - where otter vendors payyto e. 3 "i think this is an unintended result of that orrinnncee ii guees you can'ttcover every particular siiuation thatt miggt ariie." & arise."ciiy aldermen are now ccnsiderrng changgng the & orddiance. & rass, yyu 3 name it,,they're intt it!" pt!" ...and those -3 ssains can be very harddto get outthe stain remmveessthat wookeedthe besttatee on fox455 pnews at ttn 3 5050 i waattd for my hogwarts letter at 1, nevee ot it. very deeassating. 3 ....ut that's not stopping heerfrrm playing big thissllagueehas grown...
10:41 pm
....nd the seerius injuriess somm of them o foo45 nnws at ten. 3
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3 in... health check....a... new
10:44 pm
light.. - 3 3 thh f-d-a... approoed ...this year's fluussot ... / 3& the ssmee.. as ast year's .../ & because ...the same lu straans... are circuuating.....//ááááá aaericans... get tte flu each year.../.áátheáá c--d--c... recommends... aa &pannual flu shot...// months old. 3the way you deaa witt stress may be in your genes - 3 ressarchees lookkddat & genessthouuht to be connected -3 to streessin womennand their childdrn they found motters stressed by domestic their chhllren to be prone to stress... ...researchers pay it may be difficult to afffctingga mmm's body ...aaso 3 of theirrchildren. p3 &&p3 we... & harry otter series.../ haa been..../ &pááit'sáá he hhghest grossing mmvve fraachise.../ of all ime.../ 3 this next idea miigt not cooe as easy. -3&pp3potter faas across he country -3 ..are trying to ttrn thh bboom flying game----quiddiich,
10:45 pm
into a recognnzed colllge sport.. see forr yourssef, as joel dd smmth takes a ride with the -33 univeesity of maryland quidditth team.. -3 5525 m a big harry -3 potter fan, 5550 i waaied for --3& my hogwarts letter at 11, never ot it. ery devastating. no, she's not magical.... but hat'ssnot stoppiig lindd chin ad hhr 33 pame reserved for arry potter a littll bittoffsoccer, rugby, patthes are 7 on 7 and uuuallyy last about alf an hour. the yyelow bbll is the -3 quaffle... or vvlleyball. yyo peed to thrro ttaa threwwthe hoops, whileeothhrs are rying 3 contaat aad innurieesare coomon.... at east onn per practice or game. 4857 landed 3 separated is ssoulder, wass out for tte whole semeeter, we -3 pad two players craak heir riis. i've ssrained both my ankles.5838 it is athlettc,
10:46 pm
p'vv been playing foor bbut eye coordinationnto catch the & uuffel. you ccn be tacklld or hit ittha ball ike dddgeball at any time, yyu neevr kkow.. but you can't ggt arokunn his. therees always a broomstick between your - legs. it's not the coolest looking thing in tte worll. how should put this... 4895 3 judgee anddbeeooe you jjude, - checkkthis out.... this sport is now at more than 200 campusessnaaionnide. there is teams rom aaross the gllbe... there's even talk of & schhlarships.5550 got it. which issgood, because each of -33&pthese regulation brooms cost 50 buckss so even though the books annd ovies have aall & been released.... this pprt of potterr is ssill on the ay... uup 5806 this is the cooless thing i"ve ever & joel d. smiit, ffxx45 newssat & 3thhre is ven an 3 international quittitch association...
10:47 pm
ann more thaa - 700 rules to the game. p33 3 the nfl lockout is just abbut overr..bruueecunningham & as the vvry lltest, coming up in pprts unlimmied... &p(sot: kathy lynch)"food, dirt, grass, you name it, hey're iito it!" it!" kids can get theii cllthes dirty áveryá eessllwe pput more than a dozzn stain fox455news at ten
10:48 pm
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
,3 appears we've enteeed tte end laayers reeressnting both tte nfl ooners and players arr -3 worring into theenight...n the words of one eporter, pcrrssing t's nd ootinggi's....- i's... weevv l;earned that ttey're ppepaaing a drrft of the -3&pagreementt hich will be presenttd to the players for discussion aad a vote f theebiggess issues today wassplacating thh -3 anni-trust suit against the -33 nfll.indeed it was viewed as &pdeal, fur of thhm ere seeking a lifetime exemptton from franchise platyyr & status..thhssevening comme word that hhy've softened their stance...theeunion's eveniiggttoprepare foo -3 tomorrow;; ppoposd vote...the pwners wwll followwsuii on bisciotti aaddttem pressdent dick cass wwll bb onnhhnd forr - that ote... 3 3 ooiooes nn red sox at camden -3 yards...bottom of the second, no core....aakkrrynolds blasts the doobleeto - left.....adammjones
10:51 pm
&pscores...bbrds led 2200after p......jeremm guthrie's not used to pitchiig with a lead, aad it got smmaler in the 5th & whhn jaron ssllalamacchii rrps & phis one ovee thh waal in 3-2 birds......move to the 33 justtunloadsson this one to rrghh-center...a two un &pshot...hii 10thh..that made t &pup, rrynools, does & ikewise...his 21st oo thh pear..the birds go bbcc to back nd thhy take an all tooo pare victory ooer the red ssx...6-2 the final..... p3 mmch more sports oming up n &pthe late editton.... -3 3 shouu says it's the 3 "nnuber one ssainnrrmooer" ffr your laundry. - 3 but... is thht true?patrrce look... in... & tooight's consumer reports. & repoott. -3& 3& ((pat on cam))conssmmr reports tested three verssons f
10:52 pm
stubborn staiiss.(atsot: kids laughiig)(v/o))athy lynch's triplett love to play - outdoors. but she's not tooo crazy bouttall the stains phey get on their clothes. ((ot: katty lynch)"foodd dirt, grrss, you name ii, they're & inno it!"(v/o)to find ut whether lauudrypretreatmenns can make a difference, consumer rrports ested ore than a dozen, incllding big-nnae branns like shout and piie.(v/o)to find oot 3& whether aundrypretrratments can aak aadifference, -3 ponsumer epprts teeted more than a dozenn iicluding big-name brands like shout and tide.(v/o)testersstook &pswwtchee oo abrrccsoaked with & coffee a&bllod a wiie a& motorr il a and cocoa. theyy pach cleaner to the tain, let & it sst ffr ffvv minutee, then washed the swaaches with detergent and a full load of - towels..soot mandy walker)"we &&palso washed the stained abricc withhdetergeet buu without -3& pretreatinggthh stainn,,to seee& difference."(vvo))esters anallzed the swatthes with a collriieter tt deteeminn ow 3 (sot: mandy alkerr"while -&presolve foomiig aeroool ssyss - it'' 'amaaing,' it wasn't. in factt it didn't do a greattjob on most of the stains." (v/o) and shouu advvnced stain - liffing
10:53 pm
aerosol ddin't do much fact, none of the stainntreatmmnts did a ggeat job attremmvinggcccoa.(sot: maady walkkr)"still, most of the ssaii treatmenns dii do better than jjst usingg detergent lone."(v/o))i the - end,,it was resolve laundry & tain remover in tte spray bottle that emoveddthe most & sttiis. and aa ten ccnts an testedd good to haveeon handd -3 especiilly with kkds who can 3 another second stain remover pid almost as well in onsuuer unllke resolve, it caa be - appliee up you dd your lauudry. 3 grocery ssores want you tt've seen them -- deals &poffeeing 10 items ffr 11 buccs. thhrees a reason theyydo that. grocers found that customeer bought mooe items whhn thhy 3&&pdolllrr deal......rather than & just oneefor one dollarr....ut herees the thing...most 3 bby fewee thhn they are askinn & you to buy... and you'll still & get the eaa. &p3 you... may... calllit multt-tasking.../ police... call it... & law--reaking! - ááphiladellhiaáá.... wanns crack doww
10:54 pm
month, .../ if... you're cuggt - texting.../ whileewaaling.../ ááyou'lllá be - slapped ... ith a citaaionn../ that... could cost you... 120 dollars..... 3&pone couple frommsouth carolina -3 says they gt more than just a list of items thhe urrhaaed & on one receipt rrceiptlook... closeeyy../ttis image... ysseriouusyy ppeered reeeipt... three dayss.. after aapurchase at wallarr..//ááitáá looks like... a facc... // ann.... onn person... -3& it... could be..../ &p jeeus christ....//áááheáá & like soot or aybe inkk.. / -3 but... doesn't wwar off..../áátheááá couple says ..they didn't tamper... with the reeeipt..../ááthey'rráá & hoppng... someone -3 tests... the paper.../ to... see ...what cauued 3 p3 3 ext....he minor crime... that lead thhs police dog to a milliin doolars...afterrthe break. p3 and ommig up on the latt eddtion atteleven..-- eleven.ennoyingga meal in a highway diners weer ablleto -&pstick around long enough foo
10:55 pm
dessert. p3 -3 3& and the not so blushinggbride. whht appened at hee weddiig that really put a ddmppr on her big day. 3 police in
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
3& monngomeeyycounty allbama may
10:58 pm
payday. 3 daisey... the... drug niifing dog... was brought in... to search a &ptractor ttailer...//..áá.andáá found áthisá.../ 1.5... ámillioná dollars...// &pddrvee... ays... he didn't &pknnw anythiig about ii...//.&pááveteranáá truckees ..arr nottbuyinn it.. &p3 ""f they ffel thh nnee, they'll open up tte container driver should know xactly phat's in their truckkor thhir ttaaier.. - the áminorá ccime... that -3 prucker over.... was... an....áillegal lane changeá 3can prove the money waasbeing used forrcriminal activity....- the deeaatment gees to keep 80- percent of it.thattworks ouu -33& too920-thousaan dollarr.
10:59 pm
and jeff bbrnn are up next & with the late edition 3 a new plan to

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